We sell the contents of storage units that have been abandoned or on which the rent has become delinquent. We never want to get into this situation, but auctions are a sad fact of the storage industry. This process is regulated by state law. For many buyers it’s a great way to find special items at a bargain price.

Public Sale Basics

  • As required by law, each unit has been sealed until sale time. The sale is publicly advertised, listing each unit and a description of it contents.
  • All items are sold “as is, where is”. All sales are cash only. Crowning Touch Storage does not warranty or guarantee any item purchased.
  • To the best of our knowledge, none of the stored items are subject to a lien, other than that held by Crowning Touch Storage.

The Public Sale Process

Welcome to the Sale

  • Plan to arrive at the sale 30 minutes prior to start time. This will give you time to sign-in and receive a bidder number. If you are not on time, you may not be able to participate.
  • As a visitor to our facility, be advised that there are certain hazards, including, but not limited to, uneven pavement, storm grates, and moving vehicles. In exchange for Crowning Touch Storage’s agreement to admit you on the property, you hereby agree to release and hold Crowning Touch Storage and any of their representatives harmless from any and all liability for any injury you may suffer at the property or for any loss you may suffer while in attendance at this public sale.
  • Crowning Touch Storage is a Non-Smoking facility, Smoking is prohibited on Crowning Touch Storage property.

Become a Bidder

  • To receive a bidder number you must sign-in at the on-site office. There is no charge to become a bidder. Just provide contact information and photo-ID. Each bidder is assigned a unique bidder number for the sale.
  • No bids will be accepted from anyone who does not have a bidder number assigned.
  • Crowning Touch Storage and/or the sale manager may refuse to admit any bidder onto the property and/or refuse to issue a bidder number to any prospective purchaser at their discretion.
  • Crowning Touch Storage and its representatives reserve the right to bid on any and all storage units.

The Sale Begins

  • The person conducting the public sale (The Sale Manager) will announce the unit being sold (Storage units are generally sold in their entirety).
  • There is a brief ‘viewing only’ preview for all bidders before bidding on each unit is begun.
  • There will be a call for an opening bid, and the bidding will start from there. The Sales Manager will ask for the final bid twice, and then declare the unit sold to the highest bidder.
  • The Sale Manager’s decision as to the high bidder of each sale is final and binding.
  • No one is permitted to touch or move any of the items in the storage unit until the sale is declared closed and paid in full.

Claim Your Purchases

  • All payments must be made in cash.
  • The sale is only considered final when the winning bid is paid in full to the Sale Manager.
  • You cannot touch or move any of the items in the storage unit until the sale is declared closed and paid in full.
  • Items of a personal nature found in the purchased unit, such as marriage licenses, photographs, birth certificates, tax records, etc. can be returned to us at our office.
  • It is recommended that all items purchased be inspected prior to leaving the premises. Crowning Touch Storage is not liable for any contents removed from the storage space/property by Purchaser.
  • The space must be fully vacated within 24 hours of the sale unless prior arrangements have been made with Crowning Touch Storage. It’s your responsibility to remove all the contents including trash from the property. After 24-hours, any items remaining in the storage unit are considered abandoned to Crowning Touch Storage. Failure to remove all items will automatically result in loss of privilege to attend future sales.

What to Bring to the Sale

The Essentials

Cash – Only cash will be accepted at the sale and must be paid at sale time.

Driver’s License / Identification – A valid photo I.D. is required for all those bidding.

Bring a Happy Spirit – Come expecting to have a good time. Enjoy the thrill of the sale.

Some Useful Items

Flashlight – To view the contents of units you may need a flashlight for unlit storage units.

Work Clothing & Gloves – not everything left in storage is clean, bring gloves and clothing to protect you when handling things.

Trash Bags – As well as the treasures, you may find some trash. Large, strong trash bags are essential to have on hand. It’s your responsibility to remove all the contents including trash from the property.

Other Helpful Supplies

You may find these extra supplies handy in packing up contents that are not well packed or are in less than pristine condition:

  • Boxes or tubs, packing tape, bags, other packing supplies
  • Basic tools like a hammer and screwdriver, etc.,
  • A hand towel, water, and a small first aid kit.

Next Sale

Our Next Sale will be on:
Monday, October 14, 2019, at 5:30 pm
Auction by Collin Howard

We sell the units as a whole unit and if you are the winning bidder, you are expected to remove everything from the unit and take it with you.

These are the units we currently have but will keep this list updated as the date gets closer.

5X10 Unit containing:

Many bags of clothes, 3 wooden chests, electric weed eater, metal trellis, books, CD player, several boxes in the back, Cannon Pixma MX712 in box, misc.

5X15 Unit containing:

Hoover power scrub, microwave, mattress, box springs, aquarium, couch, chair, folding lawn chairs, wood stands, small lamp, MUCH misc in the back of the unit that can’t be seen.

10X15 Unit containing:

Golf clubs, mirror, mesh lounge chair with footrest, games, Kenmore beginner sewing machine, Hawk clarinet, pots & pans, electric fireplace, Christmas decorations, lamps, 2 small end tables, Dyson vacuum, kitchen wares, wastebaskets, fishing rod, misc.

10X15 Unit containing:

Whirlpool washer, TV stand, air nailer, chairs, car seat, refrigerator, window air conditioner, wood bunk bed frame, 4 drawer filing cabinet, couch, stools, wood table, wall pictures, flat top stove, kitchen wares, much misc that can’t be seen in the back of the unit.

10X20 Unit containing:

Small bench, decorator bench with storage, lots of home décor items, pack-n-play, kids toys, hand tools, small kitchen appliances, sectional sofa, mall air hockey table, Kenmore kitchen range, Samsung Giga Sound Beat, rolling globe table, Whirlpool dryer, washer, Black refrigerator with bottom freezer, high chair, stroller, vacuum, misc.

If you would like to be notified of future sales, Contact us