Accessing Your Storage

Entering Crowning Touch Storage

Access into Crowning Touch Storage is protected by a security system.

Accessing - Secure Storage - Crowning Touch Storage - Marion Ohio

Accessing - Self Storage - Crowning Touch Storage - Marion Ohio

Keypad for Gate Access

Pull up to the Keypad.

Enter your Gate Access Code  like this  *nnnnn#

The star sign’*’ followed by your Gate Access Code, followed by the pound sign ‘#‘ .
In a moment, the security gate will raise up to allow your entry. Drive promptly through the gate and proceed to your storage.

Opening Your Storage Unit

Accessing - Self Storage - Crowning Touch Storage - Marion Ohio

Cylinder Lock with Barrel Keys

Unlock the cylinder lock using your key.

Pull the lock to remove it from the door.

Slide over the latch, and lift up on the door.

As the door rises it rolls into a coil and allows for more interior storage space.

Forgot Gate Access Code

If you forget your gate access code, give us a call at (740) 802-3301. We will be glad to help you.

Lost All Keys to Lock

Should you lose or damage all the keys to your storage unit’s cylinder lock, the only way to regain access is to drill the lock and replace it. Contact us to schedule a time for you to come in, complete an authorization form for the service and fee, and receive the new lock and key. Click, print out and complete Authorization to Drill Lock Form and bring it with you for faster processing.